Participating Choirs - Prague Summer Choral Meeting 2015

Harmónia Kamarakórus, Romania

Conductor: József Szabó

The Harmony Chamber Choir is also a youth group that promotes the harmony between it’s members and music. The members of the choir are Romanian Hungarian youth. Harmony was established in 2013 as the choir of the Christian Protestant church, later became wery successfull with profane songs. Since 2014 their rehersals are held at the Art School with instruments like guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. The choir performs different genres, mostly from traditional Hungarian composers (Kodály, Bárdos) alongside with Christian and popular songs. Their first big success came from performing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah from Shrek. This was followed by other popular movie songs. Till now they had more than twenty performances in churches, on the Saint George Days Festival in 2014, SIC Fest, The Street Music Festival of Saint George, Waiting for the Lord to Come Festival. In 2015, during the Saint George Days Festival they hosted the First Rural Youth Choir Meeting, their own choral festival. At the Prague Summer Choir Meeting they will sing both Hungarian and English songs.

Choeur de Théleme, Marseille, France

Conductor: Evelyne Genest

The choir has been inviting you for 23 years on a jopurney all around the world through the traditional songs interpreted in more than 20 different languages. The amateur singers of Le Chœur de Thélème

Have performed at festivals both in france and abroad. Their extraordinary variety of voices „a capella“ enables them to study polyphonic repertoire – both prophane and sacred. The chosen program will take you over seas and oceans on a ship of unique vocal music. Come to discover and re-discover numerous pieces of world´s patrimony interpreted by the Provencal singers– the Chœur de Thélème coming from Marseille. A concert full of warmth and force where emotions are always present.

Les Polissons de la Chanson, France

Conductor: Florence Fournier-Grimal

The big choir  « Les Polissons » (the Pranks)  was formed in 2010 by uniting  4 mixed choirs  from the Vienne Department in the south-western  French region Poitou-Charentes. The choir stands out for performing mainly French songs. The choir will entertain you by joy and good humour interpreting repertoire of  Boby Lapointe and  Georges Brassens, 2 big names of French humoristic and mischievous songs.

La Cécilia, Seloncourt, France

Conductors: Patrick Verdot - Jacques Merat - Thierry Jeannin

The choir La Cécilia was created in 1912 as an ensemble dedicated to classical and sacred music. Towards the 1980's the borders have widened… the lights and choreography have lifted the group to modern songs. Their colorful and varied shows of past thirty years are musical and choreographical wanderings through French chansons of yesterday and today. The administrative director is Regis Glasson, choreography director Corinne Vanoni.

Chœur de Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland

Conductor: Franz Josefovski

The  Chœur de Vernier  is the choral section of  l’Echo de Vernier, founded togethere with the Vernier Theatre  in 1920.Their repertoire has gone through changes - first mainly folk songs, later it became sacred music of different periods, concentrating on works of Charles Gounod, Benjamin Britten, Gabriel Fauré, Karl Jenkins. They have also performed the operette “Beautiful Helene” by Jacques Offenbach and the Gypsy Songs by Brahms.  In 2013 the choir presented The Coronation Mass of  W.A. Mozart and the Magnificat by  F. Durante the 2014 programme includes Lutheran Mass and a Cantate by Bach as well as the less known Laudate Dominum, by Michel Corrette.The choir performs in Switzerland, France and Italy, but especially n Geneva where it gives 3 - 4 concerts annually.

La Tarentelle, Savagnier-Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Conductor: David Lack

The mixed choir was formed 30 years ago - there are about 50 singers in the choir. Their repertoire consists mainly of contemporary compositions, mainly from Swiss and French composers.

Every year they present a concert – show with musical accompagniement – on a specific topic – such as: vintage music of the 70’s and 80’s, film songs, Swiss Made (current Swiss songs) etc. For the 30th anniversary in November they prepare the spectacle „Time Passing“ accompanied by the percussion ensemble of the Conservatory of Chaux-de-Fonds. The choir is directed by David Lack, accompaniement on piano by Baptiste Blandenier and accordion by Cédric Liardet.

Löcknitzchor Grünheide e.V., Germany

Conductor: Johannes Voigt

Grünheide is a small town east of Berlin in the land of Brandenburg, idyllically situated between lakes and extensive pine forests. The landscape is characterized by the Löcknitz, a small river that winds its way from Maxsee to the Spree through the nature reserve "Löcknitztal". In 1984, some Grünheider formed a small mixed choir. In 1991, after the reunification of Germany, the choir was named "Löcknitzchor Grünheide e.V." The choir is member of the German Choral Association, as well as in Brandenburg Chorverband. Since 1998 they are active as a female choir.

Their efforts have been rewarded with highly successful appearances at several rating singing in Brandenburg. For example, in 2000 they were awarded second best female choir in Brandenburg.
One of their best performances was of the International Christmas Carol Concert at Vienna City Hall in 2012. Since December 2007 they have been singing under the direction of Johannes Voigt, a former professional singer of the Radio Choir Berlin.

Mixed choir “Žemyna”, Jonava, Lithuania  

Conductor: Violeta Michelkevičienė

Mixed choir “Žemyna” (the goddess of the earth in Lithuanian mythology) in Jonava, was founded in 1967. Since its foundation the choir has given many concerts that delight people in many halls of Lithuanian towns and villages. The choir has participated in different national festivals such as Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival, World Lithuanian Song Festival. They have sung in the international festivals in Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Korea, as well as in the towns of Central Asia, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Sochi, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk. The choir‘s repertoire is various and different and it goes from folk, sacred repertoire at masses and carols, traditional songs, pieces of local and foreign authors to popular melodies of 20th century. Violeta Michelkevičienė became the leader of the choir in 2006. The International Choral Festival „The Eternal Light of the Song“ is organized in Jonava Culture Centre since 2004. This festival cherishes the traditions of choral music and Lithuanian songs' feasts.

Mixed choir of Cultural Centre Kelmė “Cantio”, Lithuania

Conductor: Dalia Miklovene

The choir was founded in 1970. Since 2005 the choirs name is «Cantio». Regular participant of national song festivals (1970-2014), as well as annual festivals with the participation of district choirs organized in Kelmė since 1995. They took part in the festival of choirs of the Baltic States, in Klaipeda, in Tartu (Estonia), a worldwide celebration of Lithuanian songs and others. The choir sings at many events in Cultural Center, meets the needs of the local community and is involved in regional concerts: celebrations and festivals. The repertoire: classical, folk, modern, religious and popular music.

Choir “ Draugystė ”, Mazeikiai, Lithuania

Conductor: Ricardas Grusas

The choir was established in the year 1962. During its long existence, it has performed at many concerts in Lithuania and abroad: in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Austria and Germany. The choir has released two DVDs “Song of Motherland” and “A Gift from God”. On 17 December 1965, the choir was awarded the title „Example Choir“. Thanks to the choir and its leader Mr. Ricardas Grusas' initiative there were organized three festivals of sacred music in the Church of Christ’s Holy Heart of Mazeikiai in 1990, 2002 and 2004. Ricardas Grusas (born 1950) is a music teacher, conductor and organizer of music festivals. Since 1980, he has worked as a Director of the Mazeikiai Music School and since 1981 he is the conductor of the Mazeikiai City Choir Draugystė.

Leliumai, Kaunas, Lithuania

Conductor: Dainius Druskis

This mixed   voice   amateur   choir was   founded   in 1972   in Kaunas, Lithuania. Each musical year of Leliumai is designated to performances of choral music to the listeners in cities and towns in Lithuania, festivals and meetings with the choirs abroad, unforgetable participation in Lithuanian Song festivals. During its history Leliumai has been awarded the highest titles in national choir competitions -it has   won   the   third   prize at   the   international   choir   competition   in Cork (Ireland) in 1983. The choir   performances   are   rich   with   pieces   of   various   styles,   special   part   of   the   repertoire   is assigned   to   the   contemporary   Lithuanian   music.   Several   Lithuanian   artists   have   dedicated their compositions to Leliumai. The ensemble gave concerts in many countries of Europe, USA, Korea. It is nurturing cultural exchange   relationships   with   the   choirs   from   Denmark,   Italy,   Great   Britain,   Belgium,   USA, Germany,   and   France   and   other   countries.

Chór Cantata, Elbląg, Poland

Conductor: Marta Drozd-Kulkowska

The mixed choir has been active for nearly 30 years as an Association of Music Lovers - Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Muzyki. The group has achieved many successes and awards such as: Silver Medal at the Johannes Brahms Festival in Wernigerode (Germany), Silver Medal at the XXXI International Choir Festival in Olomouc, certificate and the prestigious title of Choir Cantata in 2008. In 2010 the choir returned with the Bronze Diploma from the International Choral Competition Heart of Europe in Gelnhausen (Germany). The choir has also performed at festivals in France and Ukraine. Conductor and Artistic Director of the Choir is Marta Drozd-Kulkowska

Schola Cathedralis Thoruniensis, Toruń, Poland

Conductor: Dawid Wesołowski

The Toruń Cathedral Choir was founded on initiative of the organist Tomasz Niżygorocki in 2009. Since 2012 it has been lead by the new organist of the cathedral Dawid Wesołowski. The choir has been successfully taking part in various choral competitions and meetings, gives concerts and accompanies by its singing local and cathedral festivities. The choir is a good team – singing is a real passion for them.

Chór Cantabile, Szamotuły, Poland

Conductor: Andrzej Warguła

Cantabile – a passionate group of choral singing. The choir started its activity in 2004 and since 2011 operates at the Museum of Górka’s Castle in Szamotuły. The founder was the choir’s conductor: Andrzej Warguła.

The most important achievements are following :

  • first and third award on Chorfest in Bremen – Germany in 2008
  • third place on Cantio Lodziensis in Łódź – Poland
  • third position on all-Poland Choir Competition „to Mary Mother” in Poznań

The choir performed in seasonal programmes on regional TV in Poznań

The Cantabile choir became friends with the choir Camerata Rossinyol in Ahlerstedt in Germany and they give common concerts as well. In 2012 the choir recorded the CD with works of Renaissance master Wacław from Szamotuły. One of the pieces will be heard in Prague

Chór Kameralny Canto Libero, Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland

Conductor: Ewa Gadzina

The Chamber Choir Canto Libero has been working since 2004 at the Culture Centre in Drawsko Pomorskie. It was created on an own-initiative of a several vocal music enthusiasts united by common passion for music. In the first few years, both the conductors and the membership of the choir have changed. In 2006 Ewa Gadzina became the choir´s conductor. In fall 2008, men became the members of the choir. A common carols concert with a band called ,,Skaldowie” inaugurated the activities of the choir in the mixed composition. Furthermore , the choir has worked with a team of

“Marcel’s Gang", Alicia Majewska and composer and pianist Włodzimierz Korcz.

The Canto Libero Choir sings at many national, religious celebrations, both in the municipality of Drawsko Pomorskie and beyond its borders. The biggest success of the choir was to recording of an album in 2008. This year, the choir is celebrating its10th anniversary.

On this occasion, it recorded another album, this time with famous musicals.

Ynnin Pojat - Ynni Boys’ Choir, Oulu, Finland

Conductor: Mihkel Koldits

Ynnin Pojat /Ynni Boys’ Choir is one of the three choirs of YMCA in Oulu. The choir was founded in 1975, the singers are aged from 7 to 18 years. Mihkel Koldits has conducted the choir since 2003.

The repertoire consists of medieval church music, renaissance and classical music to contemporary and popular music. Ynni Boys’ Choir hgas introduced two premieres. In 2000 the choir performed the Olli Kortekangas´s work called Iloveisu, presented together with the Philharmonic Orchestra and German composer Conrad Mischi dedicated to Ynni Boys’ Choir a new motet „Sing to the Lord“.

The choir performs regularly – mainly in Oulu: spring and Christmas concerts. During the Christmas time they give Star Boy performances. The Medieval Star Boy tradition has survived to the present day in Oulu region mostly thanks to the Ynni Boys’ Choir, the election of this tradition is an important part of the choir's activities. Ynni Boys’ Choir has regularly successfully participated in national and international choir competitions. The choir has had concerts and training abroad. Tours or participated festivals: Great Britain 1984, 1999, Spain 2005, Israel 1989, Germany 1982,1997, Sweden 1979, 1984, Switzerland 1982, Czech Republic 2008, Turkey 1987, Hungary 1992, 1996, 2001, 2010, Estonia 1994, 2000, 2001, Russia (Karelia) 2010, 2012, 2013 (Singing World), Latvia 2014.

Kouvolan Laulu, Kouvola, Finland

Conductor: Mari Lehtinen

Kouvolan Laulu (Song of Kouvola) is a Finnish mixed choir founded in 1919 - last year was celebrated its 95th anniversary. The founder of the choir, Vilho Oksa - Director Cantus & Musices, led the choir for 45 years until 1964. Since then there have been several leaders including the present one, Mari Lehtinen, M.Mus., Teacher of Singing.

The choir has made several concert trips both in Finland and abroad – the first in 1938 to Tallinn, Estonia, and the most recent one to Kouvola’s Danish sister city Skanderborg.

Over the years, the repertory of Song of Kouvola has varied, embracing traditional choral music, famous classical music items, operetta songs, children’s songs, film music, folk music and so on. At present, the choir’s repertory consists mostly of Finnish choral music from various decades. The choir is now returning to its roots, concentrating principally on A cappella songs.

Scherzo Chamber Choir, Sastamala, Finland

Conductor: Elisabet Rantanen

Scherzo Chamber Choir (Kamarikuoro Scherzo) was founded in 2012 by its musical director and conductor Elisabet Rantanen with a group of enthusiastic and well experienced singers who share a history of singing together for many years and in various choir ensembles. Nowadays there are nineteen members in the choir, both men and women. The love for singing together and desire to learn and develop their skills brings the members together regularly to rehearse and to enjoy the great friendship that has been formed during the years. The most characteristic repertoire for Scherzo consists of classical a cappella choir music, and the choir occasionally performs together with accompaning chamber musicians, pianist, organist etc. In Sastamala area where the choir comes from, there are a few medieval stone churches with exceptional acoustics which could be called as ”the home stage” of Scherzo, for many of their concerts are often given there.

Chorus Lacus Felix, Gmunden, Austria

Conductor: Andreas Kaltenbrunner

The choir was founded as a mixed choir in Gmunden on the Lake Traunsee (Lacus Felix is the lake´s Roman name) on 10 September 2010. It is a group of dedicated singers whose goal is to bring music to the audience in a very diverse form. Their musical repertoire spans from popular world hits, traditional folk music, classical church music to songs from opera, operetta and musical.   The good cooperation with enthusiastic musicians from the most diverse groups of instruments enables them to realize their objectives .

Women's Choir Vanaemad, Tallinn, Estonia

Conductor: Silvia Mellik, Reet Ratassepp

The women's choir Vanaemad (Grandmothers) is part of the non-profit organisation VENÜ in the Estonian capital Tallinn. Recently (in February 2015) they celebrated the 10th anniversary with successful concerts. In the choir sing 35 elderly ladies who are all senior citizens and have a lot of experience in singing over time. In addition to singing many members of the choir actively work in other areas of the association and actively participate in the busy life of the Academy of Wothy Aging. From the beginning, the conductor is Silvia Mellik, a respected conductor of female choirs in Estonia. Since autumn 2011 there is also another conductor, Mrs. Reet Ratassepp. The choir gives up to 15 concerts annually, mainly in one of Tallinn's churches and concert halls, but also in various homes for the elderly people. The concert tours have led the choir to Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden and Russia. The choir has also participated in two big song festivals in Estonia in 2009 and 2014.

Põltsamaa St. Nicolas Church Choir, Estonia

Conductor: Reet Sester

Põltsamaa is a small scenic and historic town in Central Estonia, there are many tourist attractions there. Throughout its history, Põltsamaa has had strong traditions of choir singing and music. The first mixed choir was established in 1840, the brass band in 1865. There has been an active mixed choir in Põltsamaa St Nicolas Church since 1956. The present Põltsamaa St Nicolas Church Choir was formed in the fall of 1991, when a great number of members left the former choir and were replaced by new singers. Since 1997, the choir conductor is Reet Sester. She has graduated from Tallinn National Conservatoire (present Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) as a music teacher and choir conductor. She works at Põltsamaa Music School as a teacher of music theory. Reet Sester is also the leader of the Mixed Vocal Ensemble of Põltsamaa Cultural Centre. There are currently 24 members in the Põltsamaa St Nicolas Church Choir. Choir practice takes place once a week. A great deal of attention goes to the correct breathing techniques, vocal arrangement and intonation. Põltsamaa St Nicolas Church Choir has actively participated in church service, organised concerts, taken part in EELC Synod and Song Festivals and Estonian National Song Festivals. Concert tours have taken the choir to Germany and Finland, Latvia and Norway.

Kadrina Mixed Choir , Estonia

Conductor: Silja Uhs

The  hobby choir comes  from Kadrina, Lääne-Viru County in Estonia. The choir has been singing since 1988. The founder and the first conductor of the choir was a local music teacher Rein Inno. Silja Uhs and Saale Kreen are responsible for the choirs musical level and repertoire since 2012. Choir repertoire includes more than 300 songs from different eras,   genres   and   languages: Estonian,   English,   Finnish, German, Latin, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian. In 2004, Kadrina Mixed Choir won the first prize in C-category in the national choral competition for mixed choirs Tuljak. In the same year Estonian Choral Association nominated Kadrina as the Choir of the Year.

Kadrina   Mixed   Choir   has   friendship   ties   in   Estonia   and abroad.   The   choir   has   sung   in   many   places   in   Estonia, Estonia mainland and islands, as well as had concerts abroad - in Finland, Norway, Crimea, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Wales and Russia.

San  Francesco  Choir, Miskolc, Hungary

Conductor: Zsolt Regős

One of the oldest church choirs of Hungary is coming from the second largest city of the country. Since its formation in 1946 there were many singers and conductors, who   devoted themselves in their free time to the art of church music. The choir with its 30 members has a wide variety of repertoire ranging from   Gregorian music, works of Palestrina, over the masses of Haydn, Mozart, the motetts of Perosi and Stella, to the compositions of Elgar, Nino Rota, John Rutter,   works of romantic composers from the 20th century, or of contemporary artists. On religios holidays the choir presents oratorical ordinaries with orchestra   accompaniement several times of the church year.

Bartók Béla Male Choir, Pécs, Hungary

Conductor: Prof. Dr. Tamas Lakner

The choir was founded in 1945 as a male worker choir. Tamás Lakner (Dean of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts at the University Of Pécs) has been conducting the ensemble since 1980. They have achieved remarkable success, awarded with 38 prizes of national and international choir competitions and festivals. The choir has won the championship at the 4th World Choir Games in Xiamen, China in 2006 and the 5th World Choir Games in Graz, Austria in 2008. Also, in 2006 they earned the Grand Prize of the Hungarian National Choir Competition. Beside this the performance obtained the Grand Prize at the III. International Choir Competition in Istanbul in 2013. The following year the choir has gained 1st prize in their category and the 2nd prize of the Grand contest at the 12th China International Chorus Festival among 188 participants. Their recording the Zoltán Kodály Choral Works for Male Voices was released in 2010 as a world premiere. The formation gave concerts across Europe and also in USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. In co-operation with the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra the chorus often sings oratories, and also became the host of the annual and widely popular European and World Convivial Winesong Festivals.

Hornbækkoret, Denmark

Conductor: Helle Bredsdorff

Hornbæk choir was formed in October 1951. At the beginning it was called "Hornbæk Motet Choir" - in 1976 renamed to "Hornbæk choir". From 2008, the choir's conductor is Helle Bredsdorff.
In the first 25 years, the choir's repertoire was predominantly classical choral singing, but in 1976 it turned to be more popular. When Alex Jensen became the leader of the choir in 1983, the choir's activities became more extensive including singer weekend and major choral works include Niels W. Gade "Elverskud". The choir has almost every year finished the season with a picnic or singer weekend. In recent years, Hornbæk Choir also held an annual Sangdag with Tubal Cain with common rehearsing new songs. Hornbæk choir has held concerts at Physiotherapy Hospital and participated in the annual event "Sing my hymn" in Hornbæk Church. The choir has participated in Nordic Sång- och Music Festival in Gällivara (northern Sweden) in 2009 and in Landskrona in 2012, when a large number of choirs from the Nordic countries also participated. In 2010 starred Hornbæk choir in a TV broadcast on Hornbækhus seaside hotel, where they sang in the garden, on the balcony in front of the yacht club and the beach.

Grupo Coral Litúrgico São Martinho do Campo, Portugal

Conductor: Tiago Abreu

The choral group belongs to the Parish of São Martinho do Campo, in Santo Tirso municipality where it was founded at the beginning of the 1980´s. In addition to its pastoral activity, including the liturgical animation of the Sunday masses, this group has developer during the years several correlated activities in the framework of events organized in the town of São Martinho do Campo and surrounding areas: participation in Easter festivities, weddings, christening, village festivals, street animation and Christmas concerts. Every year the group holds its annual tour, singing during masses in various regions of the country. The group participated twice in Sunday Mass on television channel RTP1.

Coral Vox Cantabile, Maia, Portugal

Conductor: Samuel Santos

The choir Vox Cantabile is integrated in the School of Music of Maestro Samuel Santos. The 4 mixed voices have the objectives of promoting vocal music, culture and the city of Maia. They interprete sacred and profane repertoire of all ages, focusing on western music. Vox Cantabile participate in social and charitable events, in national and international festivals, organize meetings of chamber choirs and symphonic events in their hometown. Since its foundation the artistic director, mentor and founder has been Maestro Samuel Santos, administrative managers are João Rocha (also project accompanying pianist) and Sandra Araújo.


Orfeão de Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Conductor: Samuel Santos

88 years ago a group of enthusiasts of Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia, decided to join and create this association. Its founders were Dr. Angelo Gandra, Prof. Amadeu Santos and Prof. Sousa Aquinas. The first public presentation was held at the Cine Teatro Eduardo Brazão in Valadares on February 26, 1928 – some months later the Valadares Choral Society was founded.
The conductor is Samuel Santos since 2010. There are about fifty singers of all ages in the ensemble – they sing accompanied on piano by Pedro Carvalho.

Their love for music is evident in each performance - their objective to promote vocal music, culture, the village of Valadares and the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia. They are also recording audio projects, participating in festivals and meetings different national and foreign choirs.

Coro Municipal Marquês de Pombal, Portugal

Conductor: Victor Gonçalves

Admittedly committed to the promotion of culture the Municipality of Pombal launched in November 1998 the foundations of a project that would lead to the establishment of Coro Municipal Marquês de Pombal. The aim was to bring together a group of people from the different parishes of the county, with a taste for music and able to give shape to this project and to make it a permanent cultural embassy of the land and people of Pombal. The first public performance was on November 11, 1999. The repertoire consists of pieces from the different eras and styles, from national and foreign composers. The choir has also some experiences abroad, with performances in France and Spain - Basque Country. Committed to creating an organization that brings together groups that are dedicated to this genre, they founded, together with other choirs, the "FENAMCOR" (National Federation of Coral Movement).

Grupo Coral de Delães, Portugal

Conductor:   Joaquina Faria

The choir was founded on 8 March, 1975. It actively participate in the liturgical life of the parish of Delães and is responsible for the musical animation of the Sunday Eucharist from 11:00 o´clock. For about 30 years, artistic director of the group was Maestro José Marques Pimenta.   Currently there are about 30 elements in the Grupo Coral de Delães.

Grupo Coral Alla Brévis, Portugal

Conductor: Marta Cruz

The choir was founded in the Philharmonic Society Cartaxense on April 7, 1987, by a group of friends and its main mentor Rafael Gaspar. Paul Rodrigues being the first conductor. The group went through numerous experiences: they have travelled all over Portugal as well as abroad: they held two exchanges with French choirs and participated twice in Choir Meetings in the Azores Islands, Portugal. Annually in April, they organize choral meeting to commemorate the choir´s birthday, in December the traditional Christmas concert takes place.

In 1997 the ensemble participated in the recording of the CD: „The Best Amateur Choirs in the Region Ribatejo - Extremadura North“. Its repertoire is very large: black spiritual, Portuguese polyphony, music of the renaissance period and traditional Portuguese and foreign music - singing mostly a capella. They have also performed together with an orchestra, mostly with the Philharmonic Band of the Philharmonic Society Cartaxense. Since 2010, the Grupo Coral Alla Brévis has as Artistic Director

Mrs. Marta Cruz.

Ajkai Pedagógus Női Kar - Ajka Teachers’ Female Choir, Ajka, Hungary

Conductors: Éva Petheő,Csilla Cserháti

History of this choir dates back to 1986. The present membership includes 13 members who have been in the choir since the beginnings and who pass on the early enthusiasm. The choir is made up mainly of teachers - they participate in national and charity concerts but also in concerts in the churches of their hometown. So far they have had the possibility to visit 12 towns in 8 European countries including Germany, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria.

The aim of their activity is the promotion of choir culture, the authentic interpretation of national and international composers’ pieces. In their repertoire you can find religious and secular pieces - from Gregorian songs to 21st century pieces. They have recorded 3 CDs and two radio recordings.

Harmónia Nőikar, Budapest, Hungary

Conductor: Annamária Tóthné Mózer

The Harmony Female Choir was founded in autumn 2002 and consists of a group of devoted, ladies, lovers of music, who meet weekly for their choir rehearsals. The choir’s repertoire includes mainly church music, be it baroque, modern or anything in between. Since 2006 the choir has had the pleasure to sing at the following oratorio concerts accompanied by an orchestra: Pergolesi: Stabat Mater, Tolcsvay brothers: Hungarian Mass rock oratorio, Rheinberger: Mass in A major. In May 2011 the choir participated at the Hungarian premiere of Cezar Frank’s Missa Solemnis.

The ladies regularly attend Hungarian choir meetings and festivals. In 2012 they had the opportunity to make a guest appearance in Poland, too.

Their first CD, prepared in 2008, is a collection of Christmas songs (Angel with Golden Wings). In 2009 they contributed to the new CD recording of the Hungarian Mass (composed by László Tolcsvay). In 2012, to celebrate and mark the choir’s 10th anniversary, they recorded our newest CD (Kyrie).

Cantissimo, Pécs, Hungary

Conductor: Krisztián Horváth

The members of Cantissimo are almost all parents of students attending PTE 1. Számú Gyakorló Általános Iskola ( an elementary school affiliated to the University of Pécs). Encouraged by the success of the two children’s choirs (Campanella and Choir of the Small Ones), 11 enthusiastic mothers established the choir on February 11th 2013. Week by week they meet and sing with undying zest under the leadership of Krisztián Horváth.

Krisztián Horváth teaches at the University of Pécs as well as Leőwey Klára High School in Pécs. As a composer, he has written several well-known Hungarian musicals and rock operas (Zrínyi 1566, A fejedelem, Az Isten Rabjai) among others. Cantissimo regularly performs his pieces.

The repertoire of the choir is varied and expanding. The pieces included range from entertaining, easy-to-learn songs through renaissance music to Bartók’s works. The ensemble regularly performs pieces with instrumental accompaniment. The Cantissimo had several concerts both in Pécs and the region with great success.

Aviso Children´s Choir, Pécs, Hungary

Conductor: Márti Oszoli

The mixed children´s choir coming from the beautiful university city Pécs in southern Hungary is formed by children aged 9 – 11. They love to sing even if they have no special musical education – they do not study at a special music school. The school choir has been existing for a long time – in 2013 its name was changed to „Aviso“. They meet twice a week to sing and rehearse the repertoire and prepare for their performances. They participate regularly in municipal events, e.g. in Advent concerts, Rotary events and Europe Day . They sing also at Christmas, Carnival Ball, Teacher´s Day at school, national holidays, such as March 15 and last school day.

The most important for them is the feeling of togetherness and the love for music.

Primavera Mixed Choir, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Conductor: Ottilia Horányi

The Primavera Choir was founded in 1972 by Ottilia Horányi, first being a junior choir, then becoming an  adult mixed choir. Initially, the choir was maintained by the County Cultural Centre and it was alsosupported by the local department of “KISZÖV” industrial organisation. Since 1994, the choir has been  maintained by the Foundation for Primavera Choir Székesfehérvár and supported by the local  government of Székesfehérvár, while Primavera Mixed Choir Association was founded as well in 2012.  They perform at town and state events on a regular basis. Through twin towns and other acquaintances of the choir, they visited multiple countries and delivered  successful concerts. They performed in Freyung, Germany (Autumn 1997), Slovenia (1998), Croatia  (1999), Upper Hungary (2007), Transylvania (2009 and 2013).  Besides their solo concerts, they often collaborate with Alba Regia Symphonic Orchestra in oratorical  pieces, some of which have been recorded for CDs. Since October 2012, the founder conductor Ottilia Horányi has continued her activites as the leader of  the choir.

Cor de Campanar, Valencia, Spain

Conductor: Maria Dolores Castelló Bayarri

The choir was created in the Valencian neighborhood of Campanar in 1998 - hence the name "Cor de Campanar". Currently the choir consists of mixed voices of various ages. The choir is a member of the Federation of Choirs of Valencia FECOCOVA. Since 2004 they organize " Els Concerts de Primavera" in which participate choirs from the Valencian Community, Spain and Europe. In 2013, to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of its foundation "Cor de Campanar" gave a concert at the Palau de la Música which were invited other choirs of Valencia. It is directed since its creation by Maria Dolores Castelló Bayarri.

Il Coro delle Mondine di Novi, Modena, Italy

Conductor: Maria Giulia Contri

“ Coro delle Mondine di Novi ” was born in 1970 as an idea of the music teacher in the village Torino Gilioli when hearing a group of women singing on the bus on the way back from an excursion. These women had been rice weeders in their youth. The Mondine were seasonal workers in the rice fields. The work of weeding, very popular in northern Italy between the late 1800 and early 1900, was to stay for the whole day in the water up to their knees, barefoot and with bent back removing the weeds that grew in the rice fields and disturbed the growth of rice seedlings. These exhausting and badly paid working conditions provoked the first protests and strikes by rice weeders, to obtain better living conditions for all the rural workers. The choir is composed in part by true rice weeders, whose age is approaching and in some cases exceeds the age of 80, and their daughters and nephews, or women who love folk songs.   The choir took part in numerous international events in Italy and abroad: in France, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia,, Hungary, Crimea and Argentina – they co-operate with other groups and youth musical bands. In 2000 Mondine lost their beloved teacher and chose one among them as director, Maria Giulia Contri. The most significant moment of the last few years has been the participation, as protagonists, in the film "From Mother to Daughter.”

The White Lily Gospel Singers, South Tyrolia, Italy

Conductor: Carmen Declara

The idea to form a choir came from a small group lovers of singing and fun-loving young women with a common passion for gospel and spiritual. Their enthusiasm was great. So a choirmaster was found in Dietmar "Didi" Leitner soon. And - after all, it should be a mixed ensemble - a few men joined the choir. Their repertoire includes more than 100 titles in the fields of Gospel & Spiritual, Traditionals, African, Pop & Evergreen. They are happy to sing on weddings, Christmas and birthday parties, openings and wherever you want to hear them on various occasions

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