Coral Al-Bojaira de Cájar, Spain

Coral Al-Bojaira de Cájar, Spain 
Conductor:  Purificación Cano 
Coral Polifónica Al-Bojaira has 26 members. The choir was formed on initiative of D. Benjamin Prados Ruíz de Valdivia in January 1993. The rehearsals were directed by D. Ignacio Rejón García - they can both be considered founders of the choir.   The ensemble is member of FEGRACO (Federación Granadina de Corales) and COANCO (Confederación Andaluza de Corales). Their rich repertoire is formed both by sacred and secular music - taking special care of works by the composer Juan Alfonso García. The actual choir director is Mrs. Purificación Cano (since October 2006). She is a piano player, professor and soloist. Mrs. Cano holds the title “Superior of Piano” with extraordinary prize for end of career and title “Superior of Chamber Music” and Superior “Elementary of Violin”.  The choir has participated in numerous performances of a varied nature and purpose (concerts, festivals, choral meetings, events, tributes)  in Granada and province and many places all over of the Spain.

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