Chór Soli Deo, Poland

Chór Soli Deo, Poland 
Conductor: Michał Gacka  
The history of Choir Soli Deo  from  Nakło nad Notecią goes back to 1891 when Choir Harmonia was formed – later it turned into  Chór Męski  in 1927. In 2000 was on its based formed a multigenerational polyphonic mixed a cappella choir that has been successfully maintaining the more than centennial choral singing tradition in Naklo. 
The choir is very actively participating in life of their town, performs at religious, national and local festivities. They are well know also beyond limits of their region – they won many awards during choir competitions and meetings. They can be proud e.g. of bronze band  at the all Poland festivals in Chojnice and Chelmno, 1st place at Bydgoszcz President Cup, 2nd place at International  Passion Song Festival in Szczecin. 

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