We are happy to introduce the participants of Prague Summer Choral Meeting 2018, July edition:


Érsekcsanádi Összhang Kórus, Hungary

conducted by Márta Bálint


Mixed Choir of Escola de Música Gracia, Catalunya

conducted by Victor Frigola


Karibu Gents Wereldkoor, Belgium

conducted by Alejandro Fonte


Emil Montia Arad Choir, Romania

conducted by Ovidiu Boar


Mixed Choir Sonore, Estonia

conducted by Kaja Avila


Coro Infantil Pedro Mena, Spain

conducted by José Antonio Pérez Fernández


Children Choir of School of Music of Vladas Jakubėnas,  Biržai, Lithuania

conducted by Jurate Duderiene


VOIXlà, Carlo Viola School Choir, Aosta Valley, Italy

conducted by Monica Viola


Girls Chorus Gama Šiauliai 1. Music School, Lithuania

conducted by Daina Kavaliauskiene


Escola de Música de Canet de Mar: "Cor Assai", Catalunya

conducted by Fifi Arnau


Chorale Amivoix, Canada

conducted by Claude Marie Landrė 


Mixturas Ensamble de Paraná, Entre Ríos+Camerata Galeana, Argentina

conducted by Juan Sebastian Barbero


Chorale A Cœur Joie de Chambéry, France

conducted by Patrice Rimet


Mješoviti Pjevački Zbor "INA" ( Mixed Choir INA) Zagreb, Croatia

Conducted by Bojan Pogrmilović

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